Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan : Europe ‘Nazism center, rotting continent’

April 7, 2017 10:01 am

Turkish President (Photo by AFP)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls Europe a “center of Nazism” and a “rotting continent” after a number of EU states cancelled his influence-peddling missions there.
“Europe is no longer a center of democracy, human rights and liberty but of repression, violence and Nazism,” Erdogan told a rally in the west-central city of Balikesir on Thursday.
Last month, the Turkish head of state had similarly compared German authorities to Nazis after Berlin cancelled three Turkish rallies aimed at promoting a “yes” vote in an upcoming referendum on constitutional reforms in .
The vote, slated for April 16, is expected to usher in a “presidential system” and throw out the parliamentary one in Turkey.
The constitutional changes, which have already earned the legislature’s approval, will make the president the country’s number one executive figure.
Critics denounce such transition as a means of restoration of the Ottoman Era powers to Erdogan, whom they see as an authoritarian figure.
Supporters say such a system would enable the head of state to restore stability to the country, which has been shaken up by sporadic deadly terror attacks and a failed military coup last July.
During the Thursday rally, Erdogan further said “Europe no longer has anything else to say, neither to us, or to anyone else. What we have here is a rotting continent,” the Turkish chief executive noted.
“Racist parties are holding the leaders and European governments tightly by the hand,” he added as populist far-right parties are reportedly gaining a foothold across the continent.
The Netherlands and Germany, among a number of EU states, have prevented Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party from wooing expatriate vote, citing security concerns.
Turkey accuses several EU nations of permitting ‘No’ supporters to campaign in their countries, but blocking rallies organized by ‘Yes’ supporters.
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