Lebanon’s Al Manar TV report Syrian government forces recaptures towns, villages in Hama

October 8, 2016 2:07 pm

A Syrian army soldier flashes a V-sign for victory in in this undated picture.

Syrian government forces and their allies recapture several towns and villages in Hama province, pushing back militants who had made significant advances in the area in recent weeks.
’s Al Manar TV said the Syrian army seized towns or villages including al-Talisiya, al-Qahira and Tel al-Usud on Saturday.
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which is sympathetic to militants confirmed the .
Foreign-backed militants launched a massive attack in Hama at the end of August, capturing a series of towns and villages.
In Aleppo, Turkish-backed militants lost several villages to Daesh terrorists and retreated from near a town which is the site of an apocalyptic prophesy central to the Takfiri group’s ideology.
According to the British-based observatory, Daesh terrorists retook villages including Akhtarin and pushed towards Turkman Bareh, some 3 km east of Dabiq.
The so-called Free Syrian Army militants, whom Turkey has supported with tanks and airstrikes, had been pushing towards Dabiq, northeast of Aleppo.
They captured Turkman Bareh earlier this week as part of a wider Turkish  operation inside the Syrian territory. 
Dabiq is seen by Daesh as the place where a final battle would take place between the Takfiri group and its enemies, heralding Doomsday.
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