Inmates in cells and offices at a notorious UK prison go on ‘rampage’ in Lewes prison

October 30, 2016 6:18 pm

HM Prison Lewes in Lewes, East Sussex, England (file photo)

Cells and offices at a notorious prison have been damaged after inmates “went on the rampage” for six hours, officials say.
The incident took place on Saturday at HM Prison Lewes, a local men’s prison in Lewes in East Sussex, said Prison Officers Association chairman Mike Rolfe.
Prison officers were forced to “retreat to safety” during the riot which was blamed on “poor management and severe shortage of staff.” 
“There were only four staff on that wing and all four retreated to safety after threats of violence and the prisoners went on the rampage,” Rolfe said.
According to the UK Ministry of Justice, a national response unit had to be used to help take control of the prisoners during the incident.
The ministry added that the facility was “completely secure,” noting that those “who behave in this way will be punished and could spend significantly longer behind bars.”
A scandal broke at the prison two years ago when a serving officer said severe staff shortages and drug smuggling had turned the jail into “a warzone.”
Kim Lennon, who was later expelled, told The Argus in August 2014 she was worried that a prisoner or prison officer would be seriously injured in case of a riot.
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