British Prime Minister Theresa May announces plans for official EU exit by September 2017

October 2, 2016 12:14 pm

British Prime Minister (photo by AFP)

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced plans to begin the formal process of leaving the European Union prior to German national elections in September 2017.
May’s announcement came during a Saturday interview with -based daily Sunday Times in which she ruled out an early general election, insisting that it would cause instability in the country.
She further revealed plans to introduce a “Great Repeal Bill” in the next Queen’s Speech, which will repeal the European Communities Act that brought Britain into the EU 44 years ago, ending the supremacy of EU law.
The prime minister also underlined that the repeal bill would mark “the first stage in the UK becoming a sovereign and independent country once again.”
“It will return power and authority to the elected institutions of our country,” May reiterated.”It means that the authority of EU law in Britain will end.”
The announcement came as the Conservatives gathered for their annual conference.
May, however, made clear that she does not want the conference to be dominated merely by the issue.
“I’m clear that we are not going to be completely consumed by Brexit,” she stated during the interview. “What I want to deliver is real change. To build a country that works for everyone.”
The repeal bill will take legal effect once Britain formally leaves the European Union. It will also end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK.
Britain and the EU are at odds over a string of issues, particularly the UK’s inclination to remain a member of the European single market after leaving the bloc.
On June 23, nearly 52 percent of Britons voted in a referendum to end their country’s 42-year membership in the EU.
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