Leader of UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn slam Conservative British government as ‘party of the privileged few’

The leader of the Labour Party, , has slammed the Conservative British government as the “party of the privileged few.”
During a speech on Wednesday at the annual Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, Corbyn said that Theresa May was not elected as UK prime minister and cannot bring about the changes that the people demand.
The main opposition leader questioned May’s sincerity when she promised a government for everybody after she took office in July.
“Who seriously believes that the Tories could ever stand up to the privileged few? They are the party of the privileged few, funded by the privileged few, for the benefit of the privileged few,” Corbyn said.
He said the UK retains the same government of David Cameron with “new harsh rightwing edge” taking the country backwards.
The Labour leader also pledged to work towards winning the next national elections and leading a government for the working class.
Corbyn also urged his critics to accept the result of the election in which he defeated challenger Owen Smith on Saturday by a landslide 62 to 38 percent.
He once again apologized for ’s role in the Iraq war. Corbyn first made his apology immediately after the Chilcot Inquiry reported in July and has repeated it several times.
‘The consequences of those wars have been the spread of terrorism, sectarianism and violence across an arc of conflict that has displaced millions of people forcing them from their countries,” he said
‘That is why it was right to apologize on behalf of the party for the Iraq war right to say that we have learned the lessons and right to say that such a catastrophe must never be allowed to happen again,” Corbyn added.
The 67-year-old socialist and peace campaigner has previously shown little interest for Britain’s special relationship with the US and is opposed to nuclear weapons, including the costly Trident nuclear missile system that is maintained by the US.
Corbyn also is a critic of Israel and NATO. As member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, he invited members of the Hezbollah and Hamas resistance movements in 2009 to parliament where he called them “friends.”

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