Lego, the world’s biggest toymaker marathon Olympic games effort of Rio de Janeiro

Lego, the world’s biggest toymaker, has developed a large model of city to celebrate the host of the 2016 Games, set to open on Friday.
The model is the largest ever made for by the group and took 50 Lego builders some 2500 hours altogether to create over one year, according to Lego master model builder Paul Chrzan.
“Three different countries were involved in creating all of the icons that are seen here,” Chrzan said.
“We did create 25 different icons of Rio – they are all visible here.”
The miniature city features the Olympic rings, stadiums and iconic sites in Rio, all made from just under 1 million colorful plastic bricks.

A large model made from Lego of the Rio Olympic Games took 12 months to build and has been donated to by the Danish Government. Photo / Supplied

“The really crazy thing about this is there are 10 different scales going on. If we did it in one scale the stadium would be that big,” Chrzan said, using his hand to indicate the stadium would be very small.

The structure is composed of roughly 953,000 pieces of Lego, according to Chrzan.”So, it’s everything that we could fit into the city, in a 5 metere by 6 metre space.”
Lego, in partnership with the Danish government, created the model as a legacy gift to Rio de Janeiro.

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