Russia rejects claims of meddling in US election campaign


Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov ©AP

The Kremlin has dismissed the
US allegations of interfering in the country’s presidential election
campaign after Washington blamed Russian hackers for a leak of US
Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails.

Speaking at a
press conference in Moscow on Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry
Peskov, said Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly
emphasized that Moscow “has never interfered and does not interfere in
the internal affairs … of other countries.”

has carefully avoided any actions, any words that could be interpreted
as direct or indirect influence on the electoral process,” Peskov added.

further denied claims by US officials that was involved in
Friday’s leak of over 19,000 DNC emails, which forced Congresswoman
Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida to resign as the chairwoman of the
In an interview with NBC set to be aired on
Wednesday, US President Barack Obama said that it was possible that
Russia would try to influence the .

US President Barack Obama ©ReutersObama
also claimed that Federal Bureau of Investigation experts have
attributed the leak of the DNC emails to the Russians, saying, “What we
do know is that the Russians hack our systems, not just government
systems but private systems.”
He further noted that he was aware
of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s positive comments
about the Russian leadership.
Elsewhere in his comments, Peskov
said the Kremlin regretted that politicians in Washington were playing
the “Russian card,” adding that it had become “the main card of their
“This reminds me of a company where they tell each other
horror stories and then start being frightened of their own stories,” he
The US 2016 presidential election will be held on November 8, with over a hundred million Americans expected to go to the polls.
Clinton, who recently received the Democratic nomination at the party’s
convention in Philadelphia, will face Trump in the election.
has often expressed admiration for Putin, calling him a “strong
leader.” The Russian president has also praised the Republican nominee
as “a very striking man” and “unquestionably talented.”

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