Pirates abduct six Turkish cargo ship crew off Nigeria

April 11, 2016 9:35 pm

A file photo of the Turkish M/T Puli vessel that was attacked by pirates off the coast of on April 11, 2016

Six Turkish crew members of a cargo ship have been abducted by pirates off the coast of Nigeria.
The pirates attacked the Turkish vessel, named the M/T Puli, in the early hours of Monday while it was reportedly carrying chemicals from Gabon to Ivory Coast through the oil-rich Niger Delta.
“All the six Turkish crew members, including the captain of the vessel, the chief officer and the chief engineer, were abducted by the attackers,” Nigerian Navy spokesman Chris Ezekobe told AFP.

A file photo of pirates

Ezekobe said the navy was working with Interpol and Nigeria’s secret police to secure the crew’s release.
A lawyer for the shipping company Kaptanoglu Group, the owner of the M/T Puli, said both the kidnapped crew and those who remained on the ship were unharmed. Company officials said they have had no contact with the pirates.
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