‘New Tehran-Hanover flight route coming’

April 17, 2016 6:39 pm

Stephan Weil, the prime minister of Lower Saxony, has told Press TV that a new direct flight route will be soon established from to Hanover.

A top German official said in Tehran on Sunday that a new direct flight route will be soon established from Iran to Hanover. 
“We will soon see direct flights from Tehran to Hanover which will be a good step forward to connect both sides,” said Stephan Weil, the prime minister of Lower Saxony, who is heading a major trade delegation to Iran. “We will also see more cooperation in other areas, as well. I know some members of my delegation just now are negotiating conclude them before going,” Weil told Press TV. 
He further emphasized that the establishment of a new flight route between Iran and Germany will specifically benefit the tourism sectors of both countries. 
The official added that some members of his delegation have already signed a series of agreements in the area of tourism with their Iranian counterparts. 
Olaf Lies, the minister of economic affairs, labor and transport for Lower Saxony, told Press TV last year that Germany’s TUI Group, the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, is interested in investment in Iran. 
Lies added that preliminary negotiations have been held for the multinational tour operator to enter Iran and make investments.
“What is significant and wonderful more about this visit is that we discussed specifically and in detail our projects and plans and paved the way for further visits by traders and officials to Iran,” he told Press TV. 
Iran has hammered out an investment package worth $25 billion to revitalize its tourism which has been under the shadow of its sprawling petroleum industry.
Iranian officials say the country plans to attract 20 million foreign tourists in order to generate up to 30 billion of revenues a year by 2025.
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