More migrants from Mexico being detained in US

April 26, 2016 3:30 pm

33,335 immigrants were detained in March, showing an 11-percent increase from the same month in 2015.

has detained a greater number of undocumented immigrants from during the first months of this year in comparison with the same period last year, officials say.
A number of 33,335 people were detained in March alone which shows an increase of 11 percent from the same month in 2015, the Border Patrol said on Monday.
The number of detainees captured in October and November was similar to that in the same months of 2013, when there was a decrease in the number of those who attempted entries, especially by unaccompanied minors.
The increasing level of migration caused concerns especially for the children among the asylum seekers, leading to emergency measures by the government to look after them in mid-2014.
The majority of the immigrants come from Central America, a region beset by poverty, street gangs, and drug-related violence.
The US is due to provide Central American countries with 750 million dollars in aid this year to improve security, raise living standards and discourage people from entering the US through Mexico.
President Barack Obama’s executive actions, which aim to offer temporary protection for undocumented immigrants, ran into opposition from conservative justices on the Supreme Court on April 18.
His plan would grant temporary legal status and work permits to over 4 million parents who have entered the US illegally since 2010.
In order for Obama to win, one of the court’s conservatives, most likely Chief Justice John Roberts or Justice Anthony Kennedy need to support the plan.
Over 100,000 families have entered the US from its border with Mexico since 2014 to escape the violence gripping El Salvador and Honduras among other countries in Central America.
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