Female Iranian fencers fail to win Olympic berths

April 12, 2016 12:00 pm

Female Iranian fencer Motahareh Mohseni (file photo)

Female Iranian fencers have not managed to secure berths at the forthcoming Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games after falling to opponents in the quarterfinals of the Zonal Qualifier – Asia & Oceania, which is currently underway in China.
On Monday, Motahareh Mohseni overcame Indonesian, Australian as well as Singaporean rivals in the first round of women’s foil event in the southern Chinese city of Wuxi.
She later prevailed over a Kazakh fencer, claiming a place among the top eight athletes. Mohseni, however, sustained a loss from a representative from Vietnam in the next match, and the result shattered her Rio Olympics dream.
Mahsa Pourrahmati also failed in her bid to qualify for the Olympic Games after she was knocked out of the Asia and Oceania Zonal Qualifiers.
The Iranian sportswoman lost 14-15 to her Indian opponent in the round of 16 of women’s épée section, and could not make it to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
The épée is the modern derivative of the dueling sword used in fencing. As a thrusting weapon, the épée is similar to a foil, but has a stiffer blade, which is triangular in cross-section with a V-shaped groove called a fuller, has a larger bell guard, and is heavier.
There are no rules regarding priority and right of way in the épée competitions, and the entire body is a valid target area.
Iranian male fencers Mojtaba Abedini and Ali Pakdaman have already booked their tickets for Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games following convincing results in the men’s sabre division of the ongoing Wuxi qualifiers.
Sabre is a light cutting and thrusting weapon in the sport of fencing. In the sabre section, the entire body above the waist, except the weapon hand, is targeted. Hits with the entire blade or point are valid. Touches that land outside of the target area are not scored.
The Zonal Qualifier – Asia & Oceania started in the southern Chinese city of Wuxi on April 11, and will finish next day.
Fencing competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are scheduled to take place from August 6 to 14 at the Carioca Arena 3, which is located inside the Barra Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca.
Around 212 fencers are expected to compete in 10 events, including six individual and four team encounters.
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