Donald Trump gets 7/11 confused with terrorist act

Just when you thought you couldn’t love to hate him anymore, everybody’s best mate just delivered the gaffe to trump all gaffes.
Campaigning ahead of this week’s New York GOP primary, it happened when the Republican frontrunner was speaking of the September 11 terror attacks.
“I was down there and I watched our police and our firemen, down on 7-11, down at the World Trade Centre, right after it came down, and I saw the greatest people I’ve ever seen in action.”
Wait… u wot m8?
That’s right, Donald Trump just mixed up 9/11 with a chain of convenience stores. As you do.
He did not correct himself and is yet to address the awkward blunder, but Twitter was all over it in a New York minute.
Oh man. You can only imagine what internet conspiracists will make of this one.
“We knew it! The 7-11 tragedy was a part-time job! Bubblegum slurpees can’t melt steel beams! The Illuminati is operating next to those dodgy meat pies in aisle four!”
Ladies and gentleman, this man is running for President of the . Kindly let that sink in.

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