Complaints after UK supermarket sells ‘Rape Yellow’ paint


Aldi has been forced to change the name of the ‘rape yellow’ paint.

Budget supermarket chain Aldi has had to rename a paint described as Rape Yellow after abuse victims complained.
The quick-drying gloss was named after the yellow rapeseed plant. But one assault victim in her fifties became so “choked up” after spotting it at a store that she had to leave.
The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “You wouldn’t sell something called Poo Brown. It’s offensive.”
The paint is sold on Aldi’s website as Rapeseed Yellow, but the unfortunate shortening of the name appears on all its tins.
Aldi said: “The name will be altered to Rapeseed Yellow.”
UK shoppers were in two minds about the gaffe. Georgette Naylor, 34, said: “How can they think that is an appropriate name? It is hurtful – especially for victims of serious crimes.”
But Paul Brennan, 40, said: “It’s obviously an abbreviation. I don’t know why people have got so hot under the collar.”

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