Online effort helps save lion

January 7, 2016 1:22 pm

 The young male lion was found in a distressed state. Photo / Twitter

A dying lion caught in a poacher’s snare and slumped in the road
has been rescued after shocked tourists on safari alerted authorities
and uploaded the photos to Facebook.
Graphic images show the distressed big cat lying on a road inside South Africa’s Kruger National Park (KNP).
alerted authorities to the situation by posting images of the injured
young male on Facebook groups associated to the national park, which is a
popular tourist destination.
Meliska Viljoen wrote on a closed group that they saw the lion “in the road clearly asking for help”.
really hope they find it soon,” wrote one user. Another added: “I
shared it on all the Kruger groups I could … please feel free to share
this message: We are still looking to locate him to be darted and
Rangers from the park found the lion and treated its
injuries and removed the snare before reportedly releasing it back into
the park.

KNP said in a statement: “Upon assessment of the wounds by
the vets, it appeared not to be as bad as anticipated and displayed by
the images.
“On behalf of KNP management, we take this
opportunity to thank you all for the contribution and support we
received – from when the lion was reported up to its rescue”.

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