Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel urges integration debate after sex assaults

January 9, 2016 2:00 pm

Chancellor said yesterday that must have a
“fundamental” debate about how to integrate newcomers, as police
identified 16 people suspected of a shocking rash of sexual assaults
blamed on migrants.
As outrage grew over the assaults, which
included two alleged rapes and several accounts of groping during New
Year’s Eve festivities in Cologne, Merkel said citizens were right to
raise serious questions.
She pledged strong action and stressed that “we must also speak again about the cultural fundamentals of our co-existence”.
121 complaints have been filed so far and police say they are
investigating “16 young men … mostly of North African origin” although
no one has yet been charged.
Investigators are trawling through
CCTV footage and examining witness accounts to determine whether the
suspects were implicated, police said.

About three-quarters of the cases involved sexual offences, while others related to theft or bodily harm.

The Cologne, Germany, main station. File photo / AP.

the fact that large numbers of alleged victims have come forward,
Merkel said there were “very serious questions that go beyond Cologne”
for Germany.
The attacks have shown that there is in “some quarters, contempt for women”, she said.
“We need to confront that with utmost determination,” Merkel said, adding that she did not believe that the cases were isolated.
authorities have said there are no indications that the perpetrators of
the assaults were asylum seekers, critics of Merkel’s open-door
approach to those fleeing war have seized on the opportunity to draw a
The German newspaper Der Spiegel ran a report in which it
said one member of the crowd told a police officer he was Syrian and
needed to be treated well because Merkel had invited him to the country.
Der Spiegel said its article was based on the report written for Germany’s national police by an unidentified senior official.
official described a “chaotic and shameful” evening in which a lack of
officers at the scene meant those there “reached the limits of their
abilities pretty quickly”, according to Der Spiegel, which obtained a
copy of the report.
“Women, accompanied or not, literally ran a
gauntlet through masses of heavily intoxicated men that words cannot
describe,” the official wrote.
According to the report, at least
one officer quoted a man as saying: “I’m a Syrian. You have to treat me
kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”

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