Victim’s family and friends in Manukau make emotional plea to attackers

September 29, 2015 9:00 am


Li’i Seiuli Johnny Siaosi and Melissa Ansin are joined by family as
they talk about George Siaosi and appeal for information. Photo / Greg

The family and friends of a man seriously injured in a king hit
attack in Manukau on the weekend have made an emotional plea to his
attackers and their families to come forward.
Youth mental health worker George Siaosi, 36, was attacked in the carpark of the Denny’s restaurant in Manukau on Friday night.
believe Mr Siaosi and a friend were followed by a group of six men from
nearby Bar 1981, where there had been an earlier altercation that bar
staff had broken up.
Mr Siaosi remains in a stable, but critical condition in Hospital.
At a press conference this afternoon, his family described the attack as “heartbreaking” and “devastating”.
Siaosi’s father Papali’i Seiuli Johnny Siaosi said his son was a
“loving man” whose only arguments growing up were over who was going to
be his best friend.

“It is difficult to see a young man who everyone loves
just lying comatose in a bed,” he said. “And we don’t know whether he’s
going to come out of it or not. He’s in God’s hands.
“For those of us who are parents, please help us.
brought our whole family to you, so we can stay connected, so that we
can trust each other. Not looking for reprisals, just looking for
His mother Sandra Gray said she had brought up her sons to always think of the parents of anyone they might argue with.
somebody’s come along and done this to George and hasn’t considered
anyone. The impact that it’s had on us and this is just a handful of us –
it’s just devastating,” she said.
“I just want him to wake up and tell me a joke,” she said through tears, describing Mr Siaosi’s “wicked sense of humour”.
Siaosi’s fiancee, Ms Ansin, said: “There’s five young men out there who
are able to continue on with their lives, while George is lying
unconscious in a hospital bed and he will now have to learn how to piece
his life back together, however that may be.”
His mother said:
“It’s heartbreaking, it’s devastating, it’s something a family should go
through … It just breaks our heart that our boy is lying in bed now
when he should be out enjoying his life.”
Aunt Christine Gray
said: “I’d appeal to the parents as well and friends … You know where
any of your friends were that night. If you’ve got any idea, even if you
think it’s only a little thing to you, it could be a big thing for us.
We want to know.”
Mr Siaosi’s friend who witnessed the attack was “shattered” and “barely knew what happened”, Ms Ansin said.
Siaosi’s aunt, sisters, stepmother, pastor and family friend were also
at the press conference. A photograph of Mr Siaosi’s grandfather, who he
was named after, sat on a vacant chair.
Detective Inspector Gary
Lendrum said investigations into the attack were continuing and
appealed for witnesses to “have the courage to come forward”.
Mr Lendrum said Mr Siaosi was struck on the head by one of the men and knocked unconscious almost immediately.
“As a result George has some very serious head injuries. They’re life threatening.”
He said the violent incident highlighted an ongoing issue in the community.
“This macho bulls**t has to stop,” he said, “This ‘one-on one you and I out the back’ has got to stop.
my career, time and time again, I’ve seen people severely injured as a
result of this one punch scenario. And our whole culture around violence
has to change, this macho attitude of men has to change.”
one of the six men who followed Mr Siaosi and his friend was responsible
for the attack and one had even assisted the victim – and these people
needed to come forward, he said.
“I really appeal to those people to have the courage to come forward and tell us what went on.”
Police were trawling through CCTV footage, but had yet to identify images of the attackers.
While police had not yet identified the attacker, Mr Lendrum said the case was “very solveable”.
“What I do know is we will apprehend the person responsible for this and his family will be grieving then.”

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