Ronnie Pickering: ‘you wot, mate?’

September 29, 2015 9:30 am

Ronnie Pickering announcing his title. Photo / YouTube

Ronnie Pickering: ‘you wot, mate?’
Ronnie Pickering needs no
introduction, his self-assured and strangely prophesizing fame has him
firmly planted in the “worst driver caught on camera” canon for this
spat in northern England.
If you haven’t heard of Ronnie
Pickering, get up to speed now. He’ll send you to the infirmary just for
being an idiot apparently.
Watch the full video here. Warning: coarse language
The best part of the video comes when Ronnie asks, “do you know who I am” to which the moped driver replies “do I care?”
has to repeat his name to the ignorant moped driver, eventually
reaching a violent crescendo, screaming “RONNIE PICKERING!” In that
moment, we can rejoice in the hilarity of Ronnie’s extremely misplaced
extreme anger.

The look on his passenger’s face is also priceless. It’s the
look of someone so accustomed to Ronnie’s violent outbursts that she has
developed a mental palace to crawl into. The vacant look in her eyes,
facing directly ahead, reveals an image of fortitude, even Zen.
Ronnie Pickering won’t turn up much other than the aforementioned
video. So who is Ronnie Pickering? According to a report by The Telegraph,
Ronnie is a laid back guy who enjoys banal humour, sitting in the sun,
and not fighting. Indeed, until Ronnie Pickering sprayed his name all
over the moped driver, he was unheard of.

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