President Zuma of South Africa over xenophobic attacks appeals to Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan


President Zuma of has reportedly put a call across to
President Jonathan to express his sadness over the recent xenophobic
attacks in South . He appealed to President Jonathan not to allow
the incident affect the bilateral relationship between the two

Reports of the phone call is contained in a statement released by the
office of the South African president today April 30th. The statement in
part below

“The two Presidents reaffirmed the warm and cordial relations between
South Africa and and pledged that the two countries will
continue to work together for the good of their peoples and the
continent as a whole. President Jonathan expressed his support for the
efforts of South Africa to arrest the attacks on foreign nationals and
to ensure the safety and security of all citizens, including foreign
nationals and those from the African continent in particular, who bore
the brunt of the attacks earlier this month (April).”

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