Police admit they failed to investigate burglar alarm during £200m heist alarm

April 11, 2015 10:01 pm

 The Daily Mirror front page.

Police have admitted they failed to investigate a burglar alarm that
apparently went off during a heist worth up to £200million ($388million)
in .
Under the heading “Clots and robbers”, the Daily Mail said police could be forced to pay millions in compo after ignoring the alarm.
raid in Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery industry centre and home to
hundreds of shops, is one of the biggest in British history and happened
during the Easter holiday weekend. Thieves went down a lift shaft and
used an industrial drill to bore into a vault at Hatton Garden Safety
Deposit, where many jewellers had stored their stock.
inside, they broke into up to 70 safety deposit boxes. Media reports
suggest the culprits may have hidden inside the building on Thursday,
emerging after staff went home. The crime was only discovered on Tuesday
after the holiday.
Scotland Yard has said it received a call in
the early hours of Good Friday from the company operating the building’s
alarm telling them it had gone off.

“A grade was applied to the call that meant that no police
response was deemed to be required,” police said, adding they were
investigating that decision.
Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad, which
investigates heists, has not confirmed the value of the burglary, but
British media have reported up to £200m ($388m) in diamonds, other
jewels and cash were taken.
The Mail reported the six-strong gang dressed in high-vis jackets were captured on CCTV working throughout the holiday weekend.
Images obtained by the Daily Mirror reveal the timing of the raid and that wheelie bins were used to remove the loot.
member of the gang is wearing builder’s overalls and high-visibility
vests. At least one has a balaclava over his face, while others wear
dust masks – but each one is partially recognisable.

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