Millions drawn to ABC News over Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Announcement

April 27, 2015 5:45 pm

The 65-year-old Olympic gold medalist has told loved ones that he ‘can’t imagine himself being attracted to men.’. More than 16.8 million people tuned in Friday night to watch the ABC
television special in which said that he is identified as
a woman, according to preliminary ratings data provided by the network.

Mr. Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist and longtime member of the
Kardashian family, told Diane Sawyer during the interview that he was
making the transition to female from male.

“For all intents and purposes, I am a woman,” he said. “People look at
me differently. They see this macho male, but this female side is part
of me, it’s who I am. I was not genetically born that way.” For the
purpose of the interview, Mr. Jenner said he preferred to use the
pronoun “he.”

The wide-ranging two-hour interview appeared during a special edition of
ABC’s “20/20” news program. It attracted a much larger audience than
the average episode of “20/20,” which is about 6.2 million.

Bruce Jenner did not just win the 1976 Olympics decathlon in Montreal, he annihilated the field – Decathlions.

The highly promoted interview was noteworthy because Mr. Jenner is among the most prominent people to come out as transgender.

He said that the transition, which has captured headlines, was not a publicity stunt.

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