Cossy Ojiakor has reaction to reports,she is broke and had to halt the production of her movie

April 4, 2015 2:48 pm

has reacted to reports,she is broke and had to halt the
production of her movie…Speaking with Saturday Beats,she said

“The picture that surfaced online was taken on the set of a movie that I
just shot. I am almost done with the movie and it is about the
lifestyle of the daughters of politicians. I love it when I have very
beautiful people in my movies. Anita Joseph is a very beautiful lady.
She is very curvy. I have big boobs too, so it would make the movie more
attractive to watch.
“The movie is almost finished; all that remains is a scene that I have
to do in a yacht. The lead character is currently in the US and he would
not be back until two weeks’ time for us to shoot that part. I thought I
was going to finish the movie in a week and that was what I based my
budget on but it extended to three weeks. That was an unexpected
occurrence because I had to pay hotel and feeding bills for my cast. I
did not really foresee that happening.(continue)

“Maybe at a point, I told them I was broke so that they would take it
easy on me. Somebody must have taken my word literally but it is okay to
be broke. It is not a bad thing to be broke for a while. I do not
really care about what people say about me. If they owed me money, I
would have been more concerned. I have done my movie already; it just
remains a scene for it to be complete and once my lead character is
back, I will complete it. I paid all the people I employed but the
director introduced some people to me on set. I did not sort out people
that were begging to be part of my movie production but I made sure that
I paid everyone that I invited. I paid them all their fees and some
people were telling me that I should have given them part payment
because they could walk out on me but if I owe them, they wouldn’t,” she

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