Angry Niger Delta militants blow up pipeline in Delta state


A Niger Delta militant group identified as Urhobo Gbagbako, has blown up the NPDC Oil pipelines at Ighrenene, Afiesere and Ekiugbo communities in Delta
State. In an email sent to reporters claiming responsibility for the
bombing which occurred on April 2nd, the spokesperson of the
group, Priest Omodjuvwu, said the
group, which consist of ex-militants, men, women & children of Urhobo
origin, decided to blow up the oil pipeline following the continued
neglect of the Urhobo militants in
the pipelines protection contracts offered
to ex-militants from other ethnic groups. 

Spokesperson of the militant
group, Mr Omdjuvwu said they decided to blow up
the pipeline to draw government attention and demand to be
included in the pipeline protection contracts.

“We have now resumed attack on the NPDC
pipeline facilities on a massive scale, which scale of bombings shall be
unprecedented,” the email read.

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