Woman shot dead at Sydney fast food restaurant

February 11, 2015 3:59 pm

A young woman was seen moving towards police with a knife before
officers fired two shots in a fatal shooting outside a fast-food
Police were called to the Hungry Jack’s at West Hoxton in
the western suburbs just before midday on Tuesday and found a woman
brandishing a knife.

Emergency services at the scene of the shooting. Photo / 7 Sydney / Twitter
Witnesses say the woman moved towards police before two shots were fired.
“We saw two police officers talking to her, yelling,” Alan Sobbi told AAP.
“Then she moved forward and then ‘bang bang’, two shots were fired.
“The police went over to help her, to revive her.”
Sobbi, who lives across the road from the Hungry Jack’s outlet, said
the woman fell forward on the ground and two uniformed officers rushed
to help her.
He said the woman and the police were about two metres apart when the shots were fired.
“We heard police talking to her, trying to get her to put her weapon down,” he said.
In a statement, police said the woman was injured following a confrontation with police and died at the scene.

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