Wife Opens Secret of husband in the bedroom

February 11, 2015 2:21 pm

Marriage is no bed of roses; it comes with challenges and sorry is your name if you’re not ready:

I got married October 2014 to a man whom I really love. Due to our
spiritual convictions, we never had s*x before marriage but we cuddled
and kissed but it stops there.

Fast forward to 2 months after our wedding, my hubby started making
sinful and improper s*xual demands, he wants me to suck his p*nis and
swallow his s*men. I was terrified and disappointed at the same time. This was a ”born again” so I can not really relate with this level of carnal mindedness. We courted for 6 months and all through there was no tell tale signs that he was that way. 

He started giving me the cold treatment. He only speaks to me when I
speak. I had no choice so I conceded and gave in just to make him happy
with a blow job…The first time I tried was a disaster, I honestly don’t know what
happened. I was on the act and I suddenly felt sick and nauseous. I
threw up when he came and I tried to swallow. It tasted like sour jam
and I just couldn’t bear it.

Since then, he has been acting up, he rarely talks to me. I tried
explaining my situation but his conclusion was that I don’t love him,
that if I did, I wouldn’t have issues with swallowing his semen.
I love this man but I am confused on how swallowing semen has become proof of love, I don’t know what to do. 
Please help me, my marriage is too young for this.
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