Why Nigerian girls prefer to date married men – Onyeka Ibeanusi

February 2, 2015 4:12 pm

Article written by musician and social commentator, . Read below…

This controversial topic has been a subject of regular argument without
any credible answer. You may have wondered why a beautiful young,
presumably intelligent girl will leave a trail of young and energetic
young men running after her to pitch her tent with a married man.
Someone she is fully aware belong to someone else. This phenomenon has
led established female celebrities who are considered screen goddesses
of some sort to end up marrying old men. Sometimes as second, third or
even fourth wives. There is no need to go into details because the list
is endless.

Back to the pressing issue without straying far away from the main subject matter. Why do Nigerian girls prefer married men?

Like many before me, I will try to present answers to this controversial
subject. Firstly, attention must be drawn to the fact that is a
country where everything is measured by the amount in your bank
account. Nigerians do not care how intelligent, hardworking or talented
you are; if you are not making money, I mean enough money, then you are
still a learner.

Most girls have had their fair share of heartbreak from guys and in
defence have opted for married men. Some want that fun ride, with no
serious commitment, emotions and energy put into making something work
with a single young man. Then again, the economic state of the nation.
Many girls want to meet up financially but they don’t want to be seen as
‘Runs girls’, ‘Aristos’ or whatever name we call it so the married man
option to them becomes a lesser evil.

A married man will do anything to get that young single girl. He will
spend money without thinking and knowing that there is really no future
in the relationship, will give the girl some degree of freedom. A single
young man will do the opposite. By the time he starts splashing cash on
you, have it in mind that you have automatically become his property
and part of his future plans. He expects a lot from the girl and the
girl does the same.

In the case of dating a married man; except in rare cases, the
relationship is more like a contract with both parties respecting a
certain boundary.

Then again, the hope of getting someone ‘Serious’ while having fun and
enjoying the goodies from the married man is a major motivational
factor. Most eligible young Nigerian men are still struggling to find
their feet and any serious relationship they get into, is part of a
planning strategy. Someone that will help them plan better and secure
their future which will certainly obstruct the free flow of fund like
the case of a married man/single girl relationship. The married man is
only in it for the ride since he is already settled and is looking for
extra marital fun while the girl most often is in it for the money
without commitment.

So the next time you wonder why a girl will leave you for a married man, remember the above reasons.

Onyeka ‘Kerous’ Ibeanusi

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