Why Bimbo Akintola Stopped Wearing Revealing Clothes

February 21, 2015 11:32 am

Respected  Nollywood actress has opened up on why she
doesn’t expose her body anymore,and why she can’t bleach her skin. She
told Punch
Why don’t you feature in epic movies?

I don’t act epic movies because I find the costumes annoying. I really
don’t like exposing my body anymore. Before, I was into that kind of
fashion but not anymore. I also feel that they do not do historical
movies very well in . If I must partake in any, the costume has
to be right, the buildings have to be in line with the movie, and
everything has to be right. In most movies, they just fabricate
everything and that is not proper.

Why did you stop wearing revealing clothes?

I indulged in that when I was much younger. Now that I am older, I have
decided to tone everything down. Nobody tells you to stop some things
you do; you just do them.

 Do you bleach your skin?

No, I don’t and I have never. I think there is a lot of focus on
bleaching and it has not changed anything. I think we should focus on
the reason people bleach their skin. People say women bleach but I have
seen a lot of men that bleach their skin in Nigeria. The number of men
bleaching their skin in Nigeria is very high. They do so because they do
not believe that their natural complexion is good enough. They do not
believe that black is beautiful and amazing. I think it is inferiority
complex when you think that being white is better than what you are.

It is often said that men prefer ladies that are busty, how true is the claim?

It is not true. It was the case
before but now, everybody wants to have big buttocks. It is all about
the behind and that is what is in vogue now.

 Since that is the in thing now, are you doing anything to make your buttocks bigger?

God forbid! I am okay with the way
God created me. I believe I am perfect the way I am. I cannot do
anything to my buttocks. I like the way it is. 

 But what if you have the opportunity to go under the surgeon’s knife for free, wouldn’t you want to alter any part of your body?

I doubt there is anything that I would want to change in my body. I love my body the way it is.


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