Venezuela”s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Rejects Statements by OAS Secretary General

February 18, 2015 12:50 am

”s ambassador to the
(), Roy Chaderton, rejected
statements by the Secretary General of the institution, José Miguel
Insulza, on the situation in the South American nation, the press stands
today.According to Radio Nacional de Venezuela, the diplomat said that
Insulza follows the guidelines of the international media dictatorship
to talk about Venezuela.

Insulza categorized as critical the
economic and social situation in the country, which Chaderton considered
as a false, wicked, malicious statement formed from prefabricated
information in newspapers like El Mercurio, directly involved in the
coup against Salvador Allende in 1973.

Insulza is ‘a character
of that minority segment of the Chilean old left who forgot their dead,
tortured, persecuted and disappeared, and is now softened by the welcome
at the neoliberal club’, said Chaderton interviewed by Telesur .

For the Venezuelan ambassador this position is not new since Insulza
has made interference statements against Venezuela repeatedly, using the
platform of international media corporations.

In that regard,
he recalled that in 2007 Insulza also called the termination of the
concession of Radio Caracas Television, ‘as unprecedented fact in recent
decades of democracy’, ignoring the use television companies made in
the country radio spectrum.

To Chaderton, the Secretary General
of the OAS has been devoted in recent years to discredit, deny and
sabotage the Venezuelan democracy.

With regard to the interview
given by Insulza to El Mercurio, Chaderton warned of a new attack of
media companies controlled by the imperial dictatorship to try to
destabilize the Bolivarian government.

Venezuelan authorities
have also reported an international media campaign to create negative
opinion on the situation in the country, facing an economic war by the
right with US support.

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