Turkish authorities detains five suspected ISIS members

February 5, 2015 6:05 pm
Turkish authorities have detained a man alleged to be a member of
Islamic State of and () in the southeastern city of
Gaziantep, the army said on Thursday, bringing the number of suspected
militants seized this week to five.

The announcement comes
after months of criticism from Ankara’s Western partners over its
perceived reluctance to crack down on Islamist fighters using the
country to travel into neighbouring Syria.

 Turkish authorities have detained a man alleged to be a member of
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the southeastern city of
Gaziantep. (Shutterstock) 

“Security forces
caught a Daesh member (on Wednesday) in Gaziantep. A judicial process
has been started,” the Turkish General Staff said in a statement on its
website, employing an acronym for Islamic State widely used in the
On Monday, four people thought to be ISIS members were
apprehended by security forces during traffic control in Gaziantep’s
Oguzeli district, a separate army statement said.

The nationality of the detainees was not clear.

’s 900km-long border with Syria has proved difficult to police
since the start of the Syrian conflict nearly four years ago. Critics
have suggested Turkey is reluctant to tackle the problem of extremists
for fear of becoming a target.
Turkey has opened its doors to
nearly 2 million people who have fled the conflict in Syria, but it has
so far played only a minor role in the fight against Islamic State.
Officials cite disagreements over strategy and security concerns as
The city of Gaziantep, which lies around 50km from the
border, has developed into a hub for aid workers responding to the
humanitarian fallout in Syria.

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