Trending Memo to the Good Nigerian Men Who Are Tempted to Cheat on Valentine

February 13, 2015 9:22 am

We encourage people to wear their seat belts, even though it’s for their
own good and could save their lives. We give pep talks to teenagers to
remain drug free and stage interventions for those who didn’t listen.
But for men who are trying to resist the temptation to give in to
lustful curiosity, we leave them with the “Just do it” Nike one-liner.
If they fall, it’s because they’re no good. End of discussion. 

Well, there’s a pivotal moment in every good man’s mind just before his
very first act of cheating, where he has to decide if it’ll really be
all that bad or if he can just get it over with and remember to stay out
of the situation next time. 

And to that man, I want to say…
You’ve proven
your love for your woman, sacrificed for her and done for her like no
other. You promised that you were ready to settle down, and you meant
it, but then you realized your hormones didn’t give a damn about keeping

So the rare opportunity to cheat and maybe even get away with it
presents itself on a silver platter. She has her own protection in her
purse, not interested in developing feelings; she just wants what you
have and can make you feel really good if you give it to her. 

In the moment, it’s not a big deal. I mean, it’s just sex…right? And
you’ve been donating penis for years since your very first charity event
as a teenager when you didn’t know which hole was which. 

But even though you don’t place value on your body, remember, the woman
you love does. It’s special to her. So special that she’s willing to
save hers just for you. Sure, only God can judge you, but it’s not even
about being a good or a bad person. It’s about making decisions that’ll
protect something your woman has been protective of for so long but
trusted you with anyway. Her heart. 

I know, you have no feelings for this new chick that’s in your face at
the moment and it can all be over and done with in 5 minutes, 10 if your
guilty conscience kicks in. You’ve fucked and forgotten for years, this
would be no different. Except, it would be different. Because you’ll
never be able to look your woman in the eye and say “I love you”, “I’m
down for you”, or “I truly care for you” without the contradicting truth
 of what’s really real replaying in the back of your mind. 

And the chick you’ll screw has no loyalty to you. So when she lets her
guard down and decides to let you in just for you to tell her you’d
rather stay out on the lawn with your
woman, she’s going to do
whatever she can to rain on that picnic.  She’s going to hint at your
secret to the friends your woman has, screenshot old texts, and give
your woman nasty looks to dare her to say anything out of line before
she puts her on blast for being dumb enough to trust you. She’ll see to
it that no one gives your woman the respect she feels like she earned
the one time you had sex with her. 

It’s not worth it. Walk away one more time, and live to love another
day. Yes you’re an imperfect man. But you’re a good imperfect man still.
And good imperfect men regret losing good women. A feeling that not
even sex can make feel better. 

Share this, guys. You never know what good man is at the cross roads in need of a little guidance to stay on track.

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