Trending 7 Richest Countries In The World.. The List Will Shock You

February 23, 2015 4:07 pm

1. – Richest Country in the World and in
GDP (PPP): $106,283.96
Capital City: Doha

With a population of around 1.9 million and GDP equal to $182 Billion,
Qatar is the world’s richest country. It lies in the Persian Gulf and it
is a peninsula. It lies in the Middle East and is richest Arab country
in the world. Saudi Arabia lies to its south. The economy of this
country is entirely dependent on Petroleum as it contributes nearly 85%
of export earnings. Banking and Tourism are other areas where Qatar
generates money. It is also the richest country in Asia. Its
competitively open trade policies with the have made Qatar the
wealthiest nation in the world. The country charges no income tax to its
citizens and other taxes are also very minimal. The current GDP of
Qatar surpasses all the other countries in the world and is $102,768.69.
Thus we can see that the size of the country does not matter when it
comes to wealth and that even a small a nation can aspire to be the
richest in the world.
2. USD = 3.64105 QAR 2. Luxembourg – Richest Country in
GDP (PPP): $79,649.49 Capital City: Luxembourg
Holding the title of the wealthiest country in Europe, Luxembourg is
much famous as a tax heaven. Many billionaires from around the globe
reside in this country to save themselves from taxes in their homeland.
It is the second richest country in the world. With a population of just
around half million, it has striking contrast of green pastures of land
alongside the industrialized city. It lies in Europe and is headed by a
Grand Duke. Banking, Steel Industry and telecommunications contribute
heavily to its wealth.
1 USD = 46 Luxemburg francs
#3) Singapore
GDP (PPP): $61,046.96 Capital City: Singapore
Located in Southeast Asia and comprising of 63 islands, Singapore is a
fully island country. On this list of top 10 wealthiest nations, it
ranks third. It is one of the largest financial centers in the world and
along with Taiwan, and South Korea, it forms the Four Asian
Tigers. Its population is around 5.5 millions with majority of them
practicing Buddhism.
SGD/USD = 1.2743
GDP (PPP): $54,479 Capital City: Oslo
A country with roughly 5 million people, Norway, coupled with high GDP
and comparatively low population, it is one of the richest countries on
Earth. Sharing its border with Finland, Sweden and Russia, it is a
developed country. The economy of this rich nation depends on oil and
natural gas reserves which is found around it.
NOK/USD = 6.0521
#5) Hong Kong SAR
GDP (PPP): $50,716 Another fifth world’s richest nation
Lying on ’s South coast, Hong Kong is the fifth country in this
list based on per capita income. It has a high GDP and it is a leading
financial destination in the world as well as in Asia. It is a specially
administrated region with its own currency but defense services from
HKD/USD = 7.7500 #6) Brunei Darussalam
GDP (PPP): $50,440 Capital:
Located in Southeast Asia, Brunei generates its revenues from crude oil
and natural gas exports. Revenues from petroleum contribute around 90%
of its GDP. With a small population of less than half-a-million, Brunei
is one of the least densely populated country in the world. Its sultan
is one of the richest people in the world.
#7) of America
GDP (PPP): $49,601 Capital:
This country needs no introduction. The most powerful country in the
world and the most powerful economy in the world, United States (US)
leads the globe in science and technology and nearly in every research
field which can be thought of. It is the largest exporter of weapons and
also other goods and services. This rich country in the world has a GDP
of around 15 trillion US Dollars which makes it the richest and biggest
economy in the world. It is one of the wealthiest economy on planet
Earth. On the American continent, this country is second to none. Thus
it is also the richest country in the American continent (North as well
as South America). This country is also the largest manufacturer in the
world and the leading financial nation

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