Trending 10 Signs And Qualities Of A Wife Material (All Guys Get In Here)

February 21, 2015 11:43 am

Below here would be the trending signs and qualities of a wife to be…Incase you find such a lady and you begin to form for her or treat her anyhow, There must be something wrong with your brain cheesy
How do you know he is a wife material?

1. She is never ready to have sex with you until after marriage.
2. Spends more time in supporting your vision,and aligning hers to yours.
3. Ever ready to tell you the slightest thing that happens to her, and allows you to handle it.
4. She spends more time developing her mind and rates value more than love.
5. Ever ready to look attractive and not sex,(NB: to avoid 1)
6. she ask for nothing even though she deserves and gets all.
7. Complements your actions and corrects you calmly.
8. Always ready to listen when you scream, and screams when she is afraid.
9. Prays for your everyday development,and closeness with God.
10. Talks about your family and how to solve their needs as if she’s got no family.
You can add more… grin

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