Top Trending 10 Characters Young Guys Exhibit When Trying To Get Under The Pant Of A Lady

February 3, 2015 2:21 am

First and foremost, I prostrate and sincerely apologize to all my guys
for this write-up cos I know this is an eye opener for the ladies. Guys
abeg make una no vex for Bishop ooooo

Oooowkay, without much ado, let’s get to business

These are the characters guys exhibit especially when trying to get laid
either with their girlfriends or otherwise. Even if you have outgrown
these characters, you must have one point in time exhibited them
especially when MEN were BOYS wink

Just sit down, relax and don’t be in a hurry to read

10 Characters Young Guys Exhibit When Trying To Get Under The Pant Of A Lady
1. He Tries To Hide his manhood
This really sounds funny. When he starts having Attention, he tries to
grab his pillow and stylishly uses it to block the region of his manhood
mainly because he doesn’t want to be seen as being desperate. It’s just
one of those signs

2. Smiling Sheepishly
YES an average is likely to smile sheepishly even when everything seems
to be boring. You have both been talking and he has not been smiling and
suddenly, he keeps smiling and trying to make fun out of something.
That is one of those signs

3. Confusion
Confusion overwhelms him when thinking of how to start. He starts going
in and out of the room for no reason. You might think he has something
doing outside. * if I hear *
4. He Keeps Checking When The Movie Will end
Hahaha !!!! This is very hilarious. You are watching a movie on his
laptop and when he sees that the movie is taking so long, he will start
moving the cursor just to check when the movie will end

5. He doesn’t want you to watch another movie
When the movie finally ends, joy overwhelms him because his prayers have
been answered.. Hahaha !!! But when you try to watch another movie,
eeehnnn !! If I hear say he gree, he might quickly shut down his laptop
saying he wants to reserve the remaining battery

6. He stops talking
Someone who has been talking and making fun suddenly stops talking.
Isn’t that funny ? Hahaha.. He knows you are probably going to ask him
why he’s no more talking

7. Asking unnecessary Questions
When the fan or airconditioner is seriously blowing, this kind of
question might pop up, hope you aint feeling heat sha ? **Ooooga we know
what you are up to jhoooor **

8. Keeps Focusing on you
Someone that has not been focusing or starting suddenly starts gazing at
you to the extent that you keep feeling uncomfortable, it’s one of
those signs

9. He asks when you are leaving
You have been with him for the past 3 hours and the moment you tell him
you would be leaving soon, he starts begging to stay a little longer

10. Flattering You Unnecessarily
He is likely to flatter and praise you just to get what he wants. He
will tell you you are the prettiest lady he has ever come across and
that you are a wife material. ** if
I hear
Guys I sincerely apologize once again ** wink

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