The Best Trending Smartphones To Look Out For In 2015: Galaxy S6, iPhone 7, HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Microsoft Lumia 940,Sony Xperia Z4,

February 17, 2015 2:51 am
For phone lovers and gadget savvy individuals, 2015 is going to be a very interesting year.
This is because the competition amongst phone manufacturers has gotten
even stiffer with giants like iPhone and Samsung trying to
outdo each other, while trying to stay on top of the ladder as newer
companies like Xiaomi, HTC and Huawei are struggling for more market
dominace around the world with the production of better phones.

2015 has only just begun, and we are yet to see the
anticipated major smartphone releases hit the stores. But this is set to
change in the next couple of months, with the World Mobile Congress in
March holding in Barcelona being an obvious setting for several new
important releases. 
Against this backdrop, this article looks at significant new smartphones
that will standout in the next twelve months as projected by

Samsung Galaxy S6

This is an obvious place to start, as the Galaxy S6 will be unveiled at
the Mobile world Congress, and will unquestionably be the headline
device of the trade show. With Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. hoping to
narrow the gap on Apple Incduring 2015, the performance of its flagship
Galaxy S6 handset will be critical, as the smartphone is the most
obvious rival to the all-conquering iPhone.

Firstly, the Galaxy S6
is expected to have a primarily metallic design. It was previously
thought that it may be entirely constructed of metal, but recent rumors
that Samsung will introduce wireless charging in the Galaxy S6 could
eliminate this notion. Nonetheless, regardless of whether or not this is
the case, this will be a primarily metallic device in its construction,
and will be certain to feature one of the strongest spec lists of any
device released during 2015.

According to recent reports, the successor to the Galaxy S5 may well
feature an Exynos 7420 processor, Android 5.0 Lollipop, 1440 x 2560
pixels, 20MP main camera and 5MP front snapper, and 32GB of internal
memory and 3GB RAM. This was reported on by the Chinese website CNMO,
apparently based on benchmarking. There has been some disagreement as
to whether the Galaxy S6 will feature 8501-inch or 5.5-inch display, but
this should be a quad HD smartphone based on analyst expectation.

iPhone 7

Unfortunately, we have quite some time to wait for the latest device in
the iPhone series, but the iPhone 7 should be well worth waiting for.
Apple usually announces the iPhone during the third quarter of each
calendar year, and the iPhone 7 is highly likely to fit into this
product schedule. In terms of feature upgrades, Apple may be tempted to
follow Samsung’s suit and produce both a curved screen iPhone 7 and one
capable of wireless charging. Additionally, Apple has applied for and
received approval for numerous patents which could appear in their
handset, among which was the ability to turn the home button into a
joystick for improved gaming.

It is almost as certain as the sun rising in the morning that this will
be another hugely successful smartphone for Apple, and predictions
regarding its specifications have indicated an A9 processor, 14MP main
camera and 4MP front snapper, screen protected by sapphire crystal
glass, chassis made of liquid metal and 2GB RAM as likely in this
generation. Other sources have suggested that Apple will really pull out
the stops in the camera department, and deliver a dual-lens device
capable of near professional quality images.

HTC One M9

HTC Corp continues to quietly churn out outstanding devices without ever
making a serious impression on the mainstream market. This could change
with the release of the HTC One M9, which will also be unveiled at the
Mobile World Congress. Features expected for this device include a
5-inch full HD display, a Qualcomm, Inc. Snapdragon 810 processor,
20.7MP main camera and 13MP or UltraPixel 4MP front snapper, 3GB RAM,
2840mAh battery, HTC Sense 7, and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Unbelievable
specs right?

Previous iterations of the series have been extremely impressive in
technical terms, and HTC will hope that this handset finally attains
them a mainstream audience.

This Samsung phablet will be released much later in the year than the
Galaxy S6, but the Galaxy Note 5 will be almost as important for Samsung
given the reception the last Galaxy Note device garnered. The Galaxy
Note 4 was a standout device in 2014, and it is possible that this
latest version of the Galaxy Note series may include a 4K resolution
screen in an attempt to update from the previous device. Expect curved
displays to be prominent as well.

Another release expected to be announced at the Mobile World Congress is
this latest handset from Sony Corporation. This is one of the most
important mobile releases in the history of the Japanese Corporation
considering that its mobile division has been haemorrhaging money at a
rapid rate in recent years. Reports have indicated that he could have a
5.5-inch quad HD display, and 21MP main camera among other features.

The LG Electronics Inc. G3 was rated by some publications as the very
best smartphone of 2014, so there will be a lot of excitement and
expectation about this successor. The LG G4 could conceivably feature 4K
resolution and a 5.9-inch display, which would make this a uniquely
powerful device. Possibly a 17MP remaining camera may also feature,
along with other spec upgrades.

This smartphone is also being referred to as the Lumia McLaren,
and is expected to feature massive upgrades over its predecessor.
Having purchased Nokia Corporation  Microsoft Corporation will be
desperate to begin to at least establish itself in the mobile
marketplace, and will be hoping that this full HD device can do just

Blackberry  Odyssey

BlackBerry Review 2015 What if BlackBerry CEO/rescuer John Chen suddenly
whipped out a red Moto Droid Turbo in front of his product team and
said “bring me this, or there goes the Christmas bonus!” The result
would probably end up like designer Raffi G’s vision for an amped up,
hard-boiled BlackBerry transformation. Slim bezels, metal grilles,
tinted carbon weavings, lights flashing to the music’s beat… if BB plans
to reinvent the Bold series in 2015, this is a seriously bold design it
can start with.


I’m excited about these phones and how far technology has come. With the
level these smart phone manufacturers are taking their  phone cameras
to,  except for very professional purposes, owning a digital camera will
be very unnecessary.
Thank God for technology.
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