Syrian Army Thwarts ISIS Attempt to Steel Oil from the pipeline located in Jazal, Palmira

February 18, 2015 1:00 am

– The Syrian army clashed today
members of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) when they tried to
steel oil from the pipeline located in , , east of Homs

It was also reported clashes in a pipeline on the region of al-Dawara,
North of Palmira, where armed extremnists tried to steel oil too.

Spokesmen from the armed forces confirmed they continued offensive
operations en Northern and Eastern zones of Homs province, 162
kilometers north of the capital, causing several victims to the groups
that oppose the government and destroying war material.

reports also account for actions against terrorist groups in the
province of Daraa, 103 kilometers south of Damascus, where some shelters
of the the armed groups in Deraa al Balad were bombed.

Terrorist groups from Al-Nusra Front were eliminated in the zone of
Lajat and the army keeps air and artillery attacks against the rebel
camps in the towns of Akraba, Kaffer Nassej, Dael and Muzereeib.

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