South Korea’s Constitutional Court Formerly Legalizes Adultery

February 26, 2015 9:41 am

I told you guys there’s something wrong with these Asian countries. Lol.
From forcing people to go on vacation to have sex and produce more
babies, to renting boyfriends and now they are legalizing adultery.
has formally legalized adultery in their country…but not
in a bad way!korea-NL

South Korea’s Constitutional Court on Thursday struck
down a 60-year-old statute outlawing adultery under which violators
faced up to two years in prison. The nine-member bench ruled by seven to
two that the 1953 law was unconstitutional.

“Even if adultery should be condemned as immoral, state power should
not intervene in individuals’ private lives,” said presiding justice

It was the fifth time the apex court had considered the
constitutional legality of the legislation which had made South Korea
one of the few non-Muslim countries to regard marital infidelity as a
criminal act.

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