So Sad My Boyfriend Dumped Me After He Became Rich

February 9, 2015 12:56 pm
dated a guy for a year and last year he broke up with me, saying he
wants to get baptized. I was shocked and heartbroken when he said that
to me, because this was a guy I suffered with when he had nothing. I was
there for him. I loved this guy to pieces before he became rich.

It’s been about 5 months since we separated. In those months I
missed him so much, was really thinking that he would call me and tell
me that he wants me back. My birthday passed, no call from him so I gave
up hope of him ever coming back to me or we just being friends. 

I was shocked when he called me Dec 20th and was like ”I’m sorry I
forgot your birthday. My conscience has been judging me for not calling
you.”. I said no problem it’s okay. Since that day, he hasn’t called. 

Not until this week, he called and said he wants to see me, that
he’s very ill, that there’s no one to take care of him. I told him I was
not coming. He kept on disturbing me so I decided to go see him…

When I got to his place I found out that he wasn’t really sick like
he said. So we got talking. He told me he wants me back, that my type is
rare, that he has tried searching for someone like me but to no avail.
He kept on apologizing to me and said that he has changed. That he knows
he made a mistake, that he’s only human.To cut the long story short, he
said he wants us back together. He wants us to plan our future as one
again. Before I left his place I made it clear to him that I am never
going back to him. 

The thing I don’t understand is that whenever I pray for a better
person, it’s him I see in my dreams. If I don’t see him in my dreams, he
calls my phone. I’m confused, even though my heart still wants him
back, I don’t know what to do. 

Some of my friends have told me not to go back to him and some say if
you still love him go back but give him a tough time. I forgot to
mention – this guy still holds on to a love note I wrote him while we
were still together. He showed it to me when I went to see him. I was
surprised thinking he has long torn it. 

Please I need your advice and opinions. Thanks.
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