Schools closed, power fails, roads become hazardous as winter weather spreads

February 21, 2015 4:55 pm

Arctic air plunged parts of the East Coast into deep freezes, claimed lives and broke records from Washington to New York.
western Pennsylvania temperatures dipped to -23C in some areas and CNN
reported that at least 23 people died this week through extreme winter
The cold snap followed snow and ice storms this week,
and weather forecasters warned that more sleet and freezing rain will be
Residents had to deal with more school cancellations, power outages, road hazards and water main breaks.

The Niagara Falls become an icy spectacle as temperatures drop and bad
weather spreads along the eastern . Photo / Getty Images

deep freeze transformed Niagara Falls in northern New York state into
an icy spectacle, encasing the trees around it into crystal shells and
drawing tourists.
The Niagara River is flowing below the ice cover, so the falls aren’t completely frozen.

But days of extreme cold have created a thick coating of ice
and snow on every surface near the falls, including railings, trees and
Eighteen of the deaths this week occurred in Tennessee.
A man, woman and their adult son died in a fire in Knox County.
Firefighters said they had difficulty reaching them because the second
level of the house collapsed on to the lower level. Other people in
Tennessee died from hypothermia and in car accidents, and a dialysis
patient is reported to have died after he was unable to get treatment
because of weather.
More than 2700 people are without power as
more severe cold, freezing rain and snow are predicted for the next few
days, Tennessee officials said. Dangerously cold conditions continue to
grip a large part of the Eastern United States, CNN meteorologists said,
with more than 125 million Americans under a wind chill warning or
Wind chills will go as low as -40C in some places.
Snow, sleet, and freezing rain will spread over the mid-South and into the mid-Atlantic over the next couple of days.
Ice storm warnings are in effect for Nashville, where heavy ice could again cause widespread power outages.
Winter storm warnings again cover much of Kentucky.

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