Samson Siasia wants two more friendlies before Gabon match

February 9, 2015 1:58 pm

The Dream Team VI trainer has asked the NFF to either
get him more warm up matches or camp the team abroad before their first
game in a fortnight

U23 coach has asked the Nigeria Football
Federation to get at least two more international friendly matches
before the All African Games’ qualifier away to Gabon on February 22.

Siasia, Goal learnt, also said that he would have preferred to camp
his team outside the country for proper concentration and in order to
avoid unnecessary distractions but lack of funds facing the NFF has
stalled the move.

So he is desperate to play at least two more international friendly
matches outside the shores of Nigeria to continue to perfect his
strategies for his team.

“We have an important date with Gabon on their soil in two weeks and
what I don’t want for my team for now is distractions. So I would have
preferred a situation where we camp outside the shores of this country
for proper concentration and to perfect out strategies for the match,”
Siasia said.

“We have quality players in this team but we are teaching them the
way we want them to play for us and we have been facing a lot of
distractions here in Abuja where we are camping.

“So right now we need to go somewhere where we can have full
concentration with the players. But the Federation is currently facing
the problem of lack of funds so I don’t know if we will be able to camp
outside for the first qualifying match.

“If that can’t be done then we will need to play at least two more
international friendly matches to put the boys in competitive frame of

“The Tunisia friendly and the Super Six did a lot for the psychology
and fitness level as well as the tactical aspect of the game. But we
still need to perfect other technical aspects to be ready for Gabon
match”, he disclosed.

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