PDP in Anger Planning to Ṣuspend Obasanjo For Anti Party Activities

February 16, 2015 11:24 am

Some members of The Peoples Democratic Party () leadership has
declared its intention to suspend ex president for
anti party activities.

They said Obasanjo’s endorsement of Buhari and his uncomplimentary
remarks on Jonathan amounts to anti-party activities and are pushing for
his suspension from the party.

According to The Nation, an unnamed BOT member said:

“From the President to party leaders, we were all sad by Obasanjo’s
attacks against the person of the President who had shown him much
We all concluded that what the ex-President did in an
election year amounted to anti-party activities. Some of our leaders
have started demanding for Obasanjo’s suspension from the party. They
said there was no point having Obasanjo in PDP to give him more leverage
to destroy the party”.

“Worse still, these angry leaders said Obasanjo had written off his
party by openly canvassing for the All Progressives Congress (APC). No
matter the situation, you do not discredit and abandon your party for
another. Obasanjo cannot be a bonafide member of PDP and be attacking
the party’s presidential candidate”.

“The preponderance of opinion is that we should damn the consequences
by suspending him from the party. But some are saying we should ignore
him. To most PDP members, we should ask him to go because he has even
reduced his involvement in PDP to ward activities. Do not forget, he was
not a founding member of the PDP”.

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