Nollywood ‘Room 027’ emerged online for explicit scenes of sex and nudity

February 1, 2015 6:25 pm

In the and especially in the movie industry, Room 027 threw the whole of into a frenzy when clips of the
film emerged online in 2013 for its explicit scenes of sex and nudity.
The culprits in the film, Collins Onwochei, Tony Umez and Chinelo
Ememchukwu have since defended their roles in the film, saying it was
not soft porn.

However, in a new interview with Vanguard,
Onwochei has finally come clean with his role in the movie. According
to him, he even got punished for making the movie which really is a
mistake he will never repeat. Excerpts:

  • You’re getting younger by the day……

(Cuts in) That’s because there is peace at home. There are a lot of
intrigues and stress in the industry, that’s why you notice that most
celebrity marriages break up. So I try to separate my entertainment life
from my family life. That doesn’t mean that I indulge myself in immoral
affairs in the industry.

When I’m at home, I’m no longer an actor, I’m a husband, I take care of my kids and spend time with
them. My children’s welfare matter more to me than hanging out in clubs spending extravagantly. I’m a domestic person.

  • How many kids do you have?

I have a lovely wife and four beautiful kids; three boys and a girl.

  • How did your wife react to your role in ‘Room 027’?

Badly, like every woman would. Room 027 was a big experiment for me. A
lot of Nigerians have criticized me and understandably so, because we
are very protective of our culture and values. Nudity is not part of our
culture. It is cheap publicity to sell a movie by doing some sexually
explicit scenes. The original idea was to do a story that the whole
world can connect with.

I didn’t want to do a movie that has a girl going to the bathroom
without her clothes on. It doesn’t make sense. We watch foreign movies
and we see how they do these things. We see them making love and nobody
frowns at that. If you check statistics, Spartacus was one of the most
viewed series that came into Nigeria. Millions of Nigerians viewed
Spartacus and nobody complained about the nudity and violence.

I felt I could tell a good story, I didn’t do a pornographic movie or
soft porn, I wanted to tell a story with a touch of reality, but it
backfired and I won’t do it again. I understand the Nigerian market and
besides a lot of people are looking up to me. As a filmmaker and as a
creative person, we work within the means of our creativity, but it
backfired. It isn’t something I want to do again.

  • How did it affect your family?

I won’t say it affected it, but my wife did not like it because we are
Christians and she felt I didn’t have to do that kind of story. I was
even suspended in the department I work in church. I am active in
church, that’s not to say I’m a holy man. I genuinely love God even
though I have my weaknesses and might sometimes get carried away by the
flow in the industry. I belong to the protocol team in church.

So if I have a budget for Room 027, I won’t do that kind of story again.
But again, life is a learning process. As a filmmaker, I look back and
say, ‘Room 027 was a mistake, because it didn’t represent my faith which
is key. It’s not all about money and fame, but guess what? The devil is
crazy! Do you know that in my almost 20 years of being in this
industry, I’ve not gotten the kind of attention that Room 027 gave me?
But I won’t repeat it again.

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