NollyWood Ebube Nwagbo Don’t Know When She’ll Get Married

February 13, 2015 9:01 am

When asked when she intends to get married, actress told Encomium magazine

I really have no idea but one thing I am doing for sure is that, I am
taking my life one day as it comes. So, I won’t say a yes or a no
because my life is a script written out by God and I’m acting it.

On her success story ,she said
Being where I am in the industry today was a lot of hard work. It takes
God’s grace to push anybody thus far and being on top, you have to
behave and respect yourself and also understand the reason why we are
where we are and not to forget the reason why we are doing what we do. I
would say my secret is being myself and not letting anything weigh me
down or bother me. Yes, temptations will come but your ability to move
ahead makes it worth living.

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