New Zealand rocker Jon Stevens charged with attacking James Packer’s ex-wife Jodhi Meares

February 12, 2015 4:27 am

Former Noiseworks frontman Jon Stevens, 53, is accused of assaulting
his fiancée Jodhi Meare – the former wife of James Packer – at their
home in Sydney on Monday night.
Police confirmed that officers
arrested a man in his 50s at a Wolseley Road property in the early hours
of the morning before charging him with assault.
The New
Zealand-born star was released on bail and is reportedly set to appear
in Waverley Local Court relating to the incident today.

Jon Stevens and Jodhi Meares. He was arrested on Monday after police were called to their Sydney home. Photo / Instagram
Last week the pair presented a united front at a fashion event in Sydney.
to reports from Channel Nine, the incident allegedly occurred after
Meares, who is the former wife of casino mogul James Packer, discovered
text messages on Steven’s phone. Meares is believed to have sustained
minor injuries on her wrist.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the police were called
to the couples’ home and immediately issued an interim AVO, forbidding
Stevens from going near Meares for 28 days.
Stevens was then arrested and charged with assault. It is believed the AVO could be dropped.
who used to play with INXS, had been due to play several gigs this week
but the shows have now been cancelled, with concert-goers offered
Only last week the couple seemed to be very much
together, with Stevens lashing out at Meares’ detractors in some fiery
posts on Facebook.
It is yet another public drama Meares will feel she could do without after her drink driving crash in June 2014.
fashion designer appeared in court in August, but escaped with just a
12-month driving ban and a fine, despite recording a blood alcohol level
of 0.181 and rolling her Range Rover.
Her lawyer said the former
model weighed about 48.5 kilograms and had drunk “about four and
three-quarter” glasses of red wine over four and a half hours and eaten
just a small piece of lamb.
At the time, her solicitor Chris
Murphy said Meares had been “haunted” by her marriage to Packer, which
lasted from 1999 until they separated in 2002.
“She was married
for just over two years [to James Packer] and that haunts everything
that’s said about it [the marriage],” he said.
“She’s not a
celebrity, she’s not a movie star. She was raised by a single mother.
They moved apartments every four months. There were four children, she
went to three different high schools.
“She had the good fortune
to make money in modelling, and in the late 1990s, she created the label
Tiger Lily, and married James Packer.”
Just last week, an
account in the name of Jon Stevens didn’t take well to some people on
social media criticising Meares for the drink driving incident.
user commented: “Hope she doesn’t get p***** & stack her 4wd
afterwards.” Stevens hit back, writing: “Hope you don’t choke on your
own vomit.”
He wasn’t finished there, the rant posted in the early hours of Thursday continuing:
poor taste just shows what a pathetic person you must be … as with
everyone makes mistakes and nobody got hurt in Jodhi’s accident thank
god … and she completely put her hand up and took full responsibility
for her actions which I reckon you don’t know how to do that coz you
must be perfect? But I doubt it very much as clearly you are a very
boring person that has never made a mistake in your life…”
The user replied: “No I’m not perfect Jon but I have lost a family member through the actions of a drink driver.”

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