Nakéd Truth Why Mén Chéat on Women

February 8, 2015 6:48 pm

Laura, 34, who had been through a terrible divorce a while back and
Holly, 28, who broke up with her fiancé because she found him in bed
with his secretary, get up close and personal with us to share their
thoughts and experiences to explain why men cheat. We were the ones
asking questions while they were replying. 

Do men cheat because of sex?

“Séx is probably the major cause for all men to cheat”, said Laura.
Holly was quick to point out, “It is not always the case that men don’t
get great séx at home. I know it sounds harsh, but men sometimes find it
hard to stay faithful”. Friends, better double check on this one in
your own life.

Do men cheat because of lack of respect?

“Jonathan, my best friend’s partner cheated on her for 6 months
before she found out. He said she did not give him respect which made
him go astray”, said Holly. “This was probably the only genuine reason a
man could give to the question, why do men cheat. Genuine, but not good
enough”, said Laura. “He could always have talked it out. I’m not sure
if lack of respect is the justification for cheating”, she added.

Do men cheat because of monotony?

“Mike always told me that his life was getting monotonous day by day.
He would come home from work and complain that every day was the same. I
feel that this frustration drove him to cheat”, said Laura. We could
see the anger on Laura’s face and could sure understand what she meant
when she said, “Life is tough and can sometimes get monotonous. That
does answer the question ‘why do mean cheat’, does it?”, she asked.

Do men cheat because of long distance relationships?

We were hoping Holly would answer this question and tell us what it
has got to do with long distance relationships, because she was in one
herself. She did not disappoint us and gave us some great insight. “My
ex and I were living in different cities for about 2 years. I got
suspicious when he started avoiding my calls and started using frequent
excuses and reasons to avoid my calls. I decided to travel to Atlanta
where he was based. I crashed into his apartment only to find him with
his secretary”, said Holly. “My case is a typical answer to our
question. I think that the distance caused my ex to cheat”, she said,

Do men cheat because they are inherently unfaithful?

“Absolutely not”, said Holly. We all bump into charming men who may
flirt a bit with women but stay in their limits. Men who can stay
committed in the most vulnerable of situations are hard to find, but
they do exist”, she added. This brings us to the conclusion that men
aren’t inherently unfaithful and hence, it can’t be the answer to our

Do men cheat because of chauvinism?

“I think that the idea of chauvinism and male dominance has got a lot
to do with unwrapping the answers to our question”, pondered Laura.
Holly agreed and said, “Male chauvinism can sometimes make a man think
that that he can get away with everything, including cheating on his
partner. No wonder we see many male political leaders, corporate biggies
and big celebrity names caught up in cheating scandals”.

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