Moment Bruce Jenner Crashed into Car of Woman Killed in Horror Pile-up

February 8, 2015 5:15 pm

This is the moment ’s Cadillac Escalade crashed into the
back of another vehicle in a four-car smash which left one woman,
69-year-old widow named Kim Howe, believed to be a neighbour of the
Kardashian family, dead.

Photographs show the moment her car was rear-ended by Jenner’s black
Cadillac Escalade, which was towing a dune buggy at the time of the
crash.  Investigators are now trying to determine the
cause and circumstances surrounding the crash and
plan to look at the mobile phone records of all four drivers and check
for any video evidence. Their investigations will determine if Jenner,
or any of the other three drivers involved in the collision, were
texting or on their mobile phones at the time of the collision. It is
illegal to text while driving in California.

It is thought Jenner smashed his Cadillac Escalade into the back of the
victim’s white Lexus, which was then pushed into the path of a Hummer,
leaving the vehicle a crumpled wreck and the sole occupant dead. Five
children – and two adults – were also hospitalised in the fatal smash
which occurred just after midday on Saturday.

The Olympic gold medalist and Kardashian family patriarch took a
roadside sobriety test in front of officers in the wake of the horrific
collision, which he passed, while his son Brody rushed to comfort him at
the scene.

Jenner, who is dressed in a blue jumper with dark sunglasses on, has his left arm raised while behind the wheel.

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