Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart wins deal over TV

February 14, 2015 5:09 pm

The second episode of the Nine Network’s House of Hancock
mini-series will be aired in tonight after mining billionaire
and the station reached a confidential agreement.
part of the out-of-court deal, a disclaimer featuring the word
“fictionalised” will run ahead of the show. No further details of the
agreement will be made public.
Rinehart’s lawyers successfully
applied to the Supreme Court to be given a copy of the concluding
episode of the series before its scheduled airing tonight.
The Supreme Court later took the unusual step of sitting on a Saturday to resolve the dispute before the show aired.

Gina Rinehart. Photo / Getty Images
richest woman sought to determine whether the drama is defamatory in
its portrayal of her relationship with her late father, Lang Hancock –
played by Kiwi Sam Neill – and his wife Rose, a former housemaid
Rinehart employed to care for her father after her mother died.

Justice Peter Garling earlier ruled that based on promotional
material and interviews about the second episode, there was a real
prospect the show would air statements that are not entirely accurate or
even made up.
He ordered Nine Network to hand over a DVD of the
episode to be viewed only by Rinehart, her senior and junior counsel and
a number of solicitors.
Nine’s A Current Affair programme on Thursday night asked producer Michael Cordell: “Did you make this stuff up?”
“We’re making a drama, we’re not making a documentary,” Cordell replied.

reporter Peter Ford was also interviewed about House of Hancock and
described it as a “ripping yarn”. “This is a big explosive Dallas-type
drama and a lot of it we didn’t have to make up, a lot of it is on the
public record,” Ford told ACA.
Rinehart’s lawyers seized on the ACA segment as evidence much of the action in the drama is fiction.
Ford is further quoted as saying via other media after viewing the show
that the second show contains ‘an even more explosive conclusion this
Sunday’, and that it is ‘must-see television on Sunday night, except for
Mrs Rinehart, she should definitely make plans to go out to dinner next
Sunday night’.”
The legal letter also included quotes from Ford,
who has seen both parts of the series. “They make her look like an
obsessed, vindictive shrew,” Ford said. The second episode covers the
legal battle between Rinehart and Rose Hancock over Lang Hancock’s

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