ISIS Terrorist Fighters are Desperately Trying to Obtain VIAGRA

February 18, 2015 8:07 am

Notorious commander Abu Wahib, pictured

Despite their claim to be ultra-conservative Islamic extremists, local
doctors in have revealed that militants fighting for the Islamic
State in Syria are seeking medical attention to improve their sexual
prowess and are subjecting their wives to ‘brutal, abnormal’ s.ex acts.

That also, many of the militants are spending part of their monthly
salary on kinky underwear for their wives and for the hundreds of young
women and children they kidnapped and now keep or sell as s.ex slaves.

Details of the jihadis’ warped sex drives and twisted sexual appetites emerged in a report by Raqqa is
Being Slaughtered Silently into the terror group’s brutally oppressive treatment of women.

‘A large section of members suffer from sexual anomalies and brutal instinctive desire for sex,’ the report reads.

It goes on to list the key reasons young women and girls particularly
fear the militants’ vehement sexual advances, stating that many females
are too terrified to leave their homes due to the fighters’ threats to
subject them to ‘sexual practices of a brutal and abnormal manner’.

Other so-called ‘perversions’ detailed in the report include ISIS
fighters ‘buying strange underwear for their women, desperately
searching for ‘blue pills in order to increase their strength to have
more s,ex’, and medical reports detailing injuries sustained by women due
to the fighters’ violent s.ex acts.

The activists also said that the fighters take numerous wives to satisfy
their demand for s.ex, and spend large amounts of time searching for
‘sabaya’ – kidnapped women and children, some of them as young as nine,
who have been sold into s.ex slavery.

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