Happy Youtube Blogger buys $1.5m mansion – all money she made from blogging!

February 18, 2015 3:53 pm
Awesome! And she’s just 24 years old.   recently purchased a mansion worth
one million pounds and she’s inspiring a new generation of bloggers.
Zoe began her career as a teenager in 2009 posting videos on YouTube
about fashion and beauty from her bedroom.

seven million subscribers later the internet superstar better
known as Zoella, has bought herself a £1million five-bedroom mansion in
the Brighton area. Miss
Sugg will share the house with blogger boyfriend Alfie Deyes, 21, and
says that she has christened the house the ‘Zalfie Pad.’

With boyfriend above…

finishing her A-Levels at the local Corsham School – she took art,
photography and textiles – the 24-year-old started an apprenticeship at
an interior design company. Soon
her YouTube channel, set up in 2009, became her full-time job, with
more than six million subscribers and 12 million hits on her vlogs per

Zoe now charges £20,000 a month to advertisers who want to place products alongside her fashion tips.
is the power of the posts of Wiltshire-born Zoe that skincare brands
such as Simple and fashion labels including Topshop are queueing up to
work with her. 
has created a range of beauty products, published a bestselling novel,
been signed by Radio 1, is the charity Mind’s digital ambassador and was
selected, along with brother Joe and boyfriend Alfie, to take part in
Bob Geldof’s re-release of the Band Aid single.
Random House, the publisher behind her book Girl Online, agreed to sign
Zoella after its CEO Tom Weldon was told by his 13-year-old goddaughter
that the book would be ‘a huge best-seller’.
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