Fortunate Nigerian Listed Among African Economic Leaders of Tomorrow

February 23, 2015 11:53 am

The world renowned Choiseul Institute for International Politics
and Geo-economics last month released its ranking of the top 200 young economic
leaders of . The annual independent study tagged‘Choiseul 100’ by
the Parisian institution, takes into account the economic leaders of Africa, up
to the maximum age of 40, who will play a major role in economic development in
the African continent in the near future. 

The full list includes successful business leaders,
entrepreneurs, and drivers of innovative projects on the African continent.

Among the list of Africans who are making significant impact in Africa and
creating job opportunities for Africans, the name, Siasia, stands

Thirty-two year old Moses Siloko, was not born with the kind of privileges
that guarantees a place at the top. His antecedents, while not exactly cloudy,
could hardly be described as luminous. Today however, Siasia sits atop a
multi-billion naira business empire, as Chairman of Mosilo Group, with huge
investments in Engineering, Real Estate, Oil & gas, Agro processing and
Project Management. The Group is a wholly owned indigenous Company with
strategic partnership with some of the world’s leading technical
Companies.Mosilo Group has employed a critical mass of young people and
continues to up the ante in human capacity development locally.
His passionate commitment to youths as the primary driver and
beneficiary of Africa’s economic transformation is demonstrated by his passion
for the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum, a non-governmental organization
made up primarily of young, dynamic and upwardly mobile individuals with
innovative ideas that can aid the development of . He conceived the NYPF
as a platform for the development of young professionals in Nigeria through
quality educational programs, national and global networking and leadership
He is a young, enterprising and innovative Nigerian committed to
diverse value adding productive ventures in Nigeria. He has distinguished
himself as a leader of repute in his community and particularly in the Niger
Delta Region of Nigeria and has worked closely with several notable
personalities. He has provided much needed experience and skill set to take on
complex leadership roles in the society.
The Choiseul Institute for International Politics and
Geo-economics in their 2014 ranking of business leaders of tomorrow described
Siasia as a young African leader who is reshaping the continent’s economic
scene. According to Choiseul Institute, men like Siasia “embody the vigor and
renewal of an entire continent and carry the hopes of an entire generation.”
According to the Institute, the ranking is aimed at highlighting the future of
Africa, a future that is shaped through the commitment of its young and dynamic
economic elites.
On being informed of this prestigious accolade, Siasia said, “It
is a great honour to have been included in the rankings.”
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