Football player arrested for killing his transgender girlfriend

February 11, 2015 12:35 pm

21 year old popular Texas college player Carlton Ray Champion
Jr. (left) has been charged with the murder of 24yr old transgender
woman, Ty Underwood ()right, who was killed on Jan. 26th

Police first caught a break in the case when Ty’s roommate, Kedrick
Darks, told police Underwood had been dating a man named “Carlton” for
several weeks prior to her death.

Police say they interviewed Champion, who confirmed that he had been
communicating via a service called “Kik” with Underwood, who was going
by “Tyra” on the service. They were able to search Champion’s tablet
computer and allegedly discovered communications between Champion and
Underwood dating back to January 19, 2015.
“After reading the text between Champion, Jr. and Underwood, it was
clear that the two have had sexual relations with each other,” one
detective wrote.

The investigation revealed a series of messages between Champion and
Underwood on January 25 in which Underwood was angry with Champion for
initially agreeing to meet in person that night and then backing out.

Underwood sent a message saying she no longer wanted to see Champion, to
which he allegedly responded: “That’s how it is now, I will make it

After that, there was allegedly some additional conversation about where
and how they would meet, and whether it would be at a Texas College or
along a random street. The conversation makes it appear they were to
meet on 25th street.

The investigators also obtained surveillance video allegedly depicting
Champion exiting his dorm early on the morning of January 26 following
the Kik conversation.

They say Champion met up with Ty – and when he found out he was born a male, Champion allegedly killed him.

One of the detectives interviewed Champion’s father and wrote
“[Champion’s father] stated that Carlton Jr. was meeting [Underwood] and
thought [Underwood] was female. According to [Champion’s father],
Carlton Jr. was supposed to get some type of sexual favor from
[Underwood] but realized [Underwood] was a male.”

Additionally, investigators say Champion’s jacket worn at the time of
the murder tested positive for blood in a preliminary test that’s too
basic to determine whose blood was sampled.

Source:  CBSTV

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