Extreme Gold Digger – Actor Tyrese Caught His Valentine Date Looking Him Up On Celebrity Net Worth

February 16, 2015 11:03 am

Dating is tough. It’s awkward. It’s expensive. It’s exhausting.  You
gotta get all dressed up. You gotta pretend to be interested in a total
stranger’s boring stories. You gotta hold in all your farts for an hour
or two. Ugghhh. It’s the worst. And contrary to what you might assume,
dating is actually even harder when you are a . Don’t believe
me? Wait till you hear what happened to Tyrese Gibson last night! This
is pretty amazing.
Last night Tyrese Gibson was out on a date. It’s unclear if this was a
first date, but it certainly sounds like it was an early date.
Although, they were out together on ’s Day… so who knows.
t some point during the conversation, Tyrese asks to borrow his
date’s phone so he could google something (his phone had died). When he
opens Safari on her phone, guess what pops up as the last webpage she
was reading :)
Oh you know, just a little website called CelebrityNetWorth.com. And
not just our homepage, Tyrese’s net worth page! Ha ha ha ha!!!
Busted! Apparently this curious little girl was doing some research! Not a bad idea. I hope this becomes a trend :)
Unfortunately, Tyrese wasn’t amused. As soon as the date was over and
his phone was recharged, he posted the following rant to his 2.7
million instagram followers:
Ratchet all the way -I was hanging out with this girl and my
phone died so I asked her if I could google something on her phone….
Soon as I went to her safari web browser THIS popped up…. This B went
online to see what my net worth was…… With in the F’ is going on out


By the way, according to Urban Dictionary, a “ratchet” is a diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy.
I love that this happened. So freaking hilarious! CNW is being used
by star-f!cing gold diggers to pre-screen their celebrity targets!

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